Currently     Front-End Engineer at CNAG-CRG, Barcelona, Spain

Dec. 2019.   Doctoral Degree at Eindhoven Technology University, The Netherlands

July 2019     Front End Engineer, at Centro de Analisi Genomica (CNAG), Barcelona, Spain

2015-2019. Ph.D. Researcher at Eindhoven University of Technology on Visual Analytics in Digital & Computational Pathology

2014.           Master Degree in “Bio-engineering”, Sept 2011 – March 2014

2014.          Master project in “A virtual navigation system for an electromagnetic bronchoscopy navigation system”, Cork, Ireland (Sept. 2013 – March 2014)

2011.           Bachelor Degree in “Biomedical Engineering“, (Sept. 2008- Dec. 2011)



Overview of my thesis

"Visual Analytics in Digital & Computational Pathology"