About me

I am currently a Front-End Engineer at CNAG – Centre Nacional de Analisis Genomica – in Barcelona. Bringing my experience as Biomedical Engineer and PhD in Visual Analytics, I joined the RD-Connect project with the goal of designing and implementing a visual analytics platform for genomics examination and diagnosis of rare diseases and tumor.

I studied in Genoa, Italy, city where I was born in 1989. In 2011 and 2014, I graduated in Biomedical Engineering and, then Bio-engineering. I spent the last six months of my Master programme at the University College of Cork, Ireland.  Supervised by Prof. Cantillon-Murphy, I worked on my master project on the Electromagnetic Guided Bronchoscopy system and on the development of a navigation tool for clinical purposes.

Completed my graduation project, in 2015 I started a PhD at TU/e, in the context of the Data Science Flagship,  a collaboration with Philips Research. In this project, I designed and published new visual analytics approaches for the field of  digital and computational pathology. My work was supervised by Prof. J.J. van Wijk, Dr. M. Westenberg (TU/e), and Dr. M.A. van Driel (Philips). In December 2019, I obtained the Ph.D. title with the thesis “Visual Analytics in Digital and Computational Pathology”.