Enabling Interactive Process Analysis with Process Mining and Visual Analytics

Authors: Prabhakar Dixit, H.S.G.Caballero, Alberto Corvò, B.Hompes, J.C.A. Buijs, W.M.P.van der Aalst


In a typical healthcare setting, specific clinical care pathways can be defined by the hospitals. Process mining provides a way of analyzing the care pathways by analyzing the event data extracted from the hospital information systems. Process mining can be used to optimize the overall care pathway, and gain interesting insights into the actual execution of the process, as well as to compare the expectations versus the reality. In this paper, a generic novel tool called InterPretA, is introduced which builds upon pre-existing process mining and visual analytics techniques to enable the user to perform such process oriented analysis. InterPretA contains a set of options to provide high level conformance analysis of a process from different perspectives. Furthermore, InterPretA enables detailed investigative analysis by letting the user interactively analyze, visualize and explore the execution of the processes from the data perspective.
Enabling Interactive Process Analysis with Process Mining and Visual Analytics. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/314521941_Enabling_Interactive_Process_Analysis_with_Process_Mining_and_Visual_Analytics [accessed Sep 5, 2017].