Visual Analytics for Evaluating Clinical Pathways

Authors: H.Garcia Caballero, A.Corvò, P.Dixit, M.A. Westenberg


Digital platforms in healthcare institutions enable tracking and recording of patient care   pathways. Besides the Electronic Health Records (EHRs), the event logs from Hospital Information Systems (HIS) are a very efficient source of information, from both operational and clinical point of view. Process mining allows comparison of a patient care pathway with the event log(s) from HIS, to understand how well the reality as depicted in the event log, fits the
expectation as modeled using a care pathway. SepVis is a tool which exploits the process mining results to provide insightful and efficient visualization of an event log comprising of (suspected) sepsis patients. In this paper, we present SepVis, a visual analytics tool which aims to fill the gap in current process-centric application by looking at patients’ pathways from a clinical point of view.